Sex Doll vs Sex Toy

Sex Doll vs Sex Toy

The sex doll is also known as love doll, which is a  kind of sex toy that imitates the human body. It has realistic facial features and body. With the development of technology, the past inflatable dolls have also continuously developed into today’s TPE dolls and silicone dolls.

Sex Doll vs Sex Toy


Most sex toys and sex dolls are made of TPE. TPE is widely used in sex toys due to its excellent ductility, aging resistance, non-toxicity and other characteristics. Common ones are masturbators and dildos. You can experience a realistic sex experience with lubricant.

Silica gel will be applied to some high-end sex dolls due to their more realistic appearance. Sex dolls usually have a metal skeleton inside, which is to imitate the bones and joints of the human body, and it is also convenient to take various poses when having sex.

140cm sex doll

Volume and Weight

Common sex toys are not too big, this is mainly for the user’s portability, and at the same time to reduce the weight, you definitely don’t want to use a Masturbator with a dozen kg,  which looks more like fitness than masturbation.

For sex dolls, the design of metal bones and solid TPE or silicone materials will undoubtedly be heavier, especially considering that they are the same size as real people. A 158cm sex doll with a normal body weighs about 40kg. If you want a lighter sex doll, you can choose mini sex doll with a height of 100cm or smaller. For some adult-sized sex dolls, you can also choose the hollow breast option to reduce the weight. Of course, body size is another important factor that affects the weight of the sex doll.


Sex toys are cheaper, generally around tens of dollars, and sex dolls are between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, which is related to height, body shape, brand, and material. You can buy affordable sex doll in our store below 1000 dollars.

125cm sex doll vs sex toy


Sex dolls are naturally better in experience due to their humanoid appearance. You can also choose functions such as warming and pronunciation. These can better imitate real sex activities. But it also makes cleaning more troublesome, What’s more, you need to consider how to discard such a toy when you don’t need it.

Sex toys are not big in size and can be carried and used no matter whether at home or traveling.

Other Aspects

For people who have used sex dolls for a long time, they may have real emotions for sex dolls. Although sex dolls cannot feedback emotions, but now AI robot dolls are trying to solve this problem. Sex robots combined with artificial intelligence technology will be able to bring to a revolutionary upgrade.

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