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Littlesexdolls.com is the official website of LIT Sex Dolls (Seamoonbaby Ltd), which is verified mini sex doll companies. Our address is Stone Hill Road, Bolton, England, BL4 9TP. (NOT FOR RETURN). We are a Sex Dolls Team from China and have 5 years of experience in selling sex dolls online. Currently our sex dolls are mainly sold to North America, Europe and Australia.

Why LIT Sex Dolls?

  • Quality Assurance: We work directly with high quality sex doll suppliers in China. What's more, there are our offices in China to research new models of sex dolls, including Asian dolls, European and American dolls, male dolls, mini sex dolls, and AI sex robots. You can choose dolls from 68cm-168cm. Every doll has been strictly inspected before leaving the factory. which conforms to international standards and has a certificate of conformity. If you need, we can also provide pictures of your dolls you bought before leaving the factory.
  • Medical Grade TPE Materials: Most of the dolls we sell are medical grade TPE materials, not silica gel. You can get the difference between silica gel and TPE materials here. The TPE we use is no worse than silica gel. Its hand feel is close to the real skin, and it will not cause harm to the human body. At the same time, the cost will be lower, which ensures that our customers can buy at a lower price. The product names of sex dolls on many websites contains the word "silica gel", which is more expensive, but in fact, they still use the same TPE materials as ours. The reason for their high price is that they want to make more profits or can't control the cost. In addition, if some customers want to buy a 200-300 dollar sex doll, they have a greater chance to buy a sex doll made of inferior TPE materials, which often have a bad smell and some customers may have allergies.
  • Affordable price: No matter what product, the price is an inextricable topic. We are not the lowest price in the market. You can even buy $200 TPE sex dolls on Amazon. But I promise you will regret that the especially cheap sex dolls will cut costs in all aspects. The most important point is TPE materials. Poor TPE materials are not only easy to damage, but also harmful For the health of users, we promise that our materials will not cause any damage to users. I believe most people will not spend thousands of dollars to buy a sex doll. Our pricing is basically concentrated in 300-1000, which meets the purchasing ability of most customers.
  • No scam Guarantee: We do not provide any falsely advertised products, we sincerely welcome every customer who loves sex dolls and provide better products than amazon mini sex doll ^_^.

Is it safe to buy Online?

  • Payment Security: We provide visa / Mastercard / DC credit card payment to ensure the financial security of customers. If you find that the purchased sex dolls do not conform to our description, or do not deliver to your address, you can refund at any time.
  • Customer Privacy Security:We support chekout without account. You do not need to save the data on our website. Of course, we will use your phone, name and address for your package of sex doll, but we will not disclose these information to other organizations or individuals.Moreover, our website uses HTTPS protocol to ensure your data is completely encrypted.
  • Shipping Safety: We only choose international famous shipping companies to deliver packages, such as DHL / UPS / EMS, what's more, you don't have to pay for this. The package also does not contain product information, which can effectively protect your privacy.

You can get shipping and return info here: Shipping & Return Policy.  If you have any question or suggestion for us, you can contact us by email sale@littlesexdolls.com or online customer service.

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