Sex Doll Videos

Install Head and Wigs

Check out our sex doll series videos to learn about the quality of our sex dolls and how to use them, such as how to wear a wig and how to install the head. We also used a dildo to demonstrate the softness of the vagina. In the video, You can also see the softness demonstration of the baby’s vagina, anus, and mouth, which can make you understand the dolls of LIT Sex Dolls more intuitively.
wearing wigs

Install the head

Functions Guide of Sex Doll

Vaginal Instructions
Pubic Hair
The Vagina for 125cm Doll
Use of Mouth
Back Appearance Display
Vaginal Instructions 2
The Vagina for 100cm Doll
Use of Breasts, Vagina and Anus
Use of Metal skeleton
Flat Chested Sex Doll
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