How to Have Sex Regularly

How to Have Sex Regularly

Regular sex life can not only meet physical needs, but also maintain the feelings of both lovers. Sexual life is also the “lubricant” of marriage. So, we all know that excessive sex life will affect health, so how to have sex regularly?

Have Sex Regularly

We summarized a “sex frequency formula” based on the influence of age factors on sexual performance

Frequency of sex = tens of age * 9

The tens digit of the product obtained is the time period, and the single digit is the number of sexual intercourses that should occur during this period.

For example, if you are 28 years old this year, then 2*9=18, which means you can have 8 sex lives in 10 days without affecting your health and status. By analogy, after the age of 30, 3*9=27, which means that you can have sex 7 times in 20 days. After the age of 40, 4*9=36, that is, 6 sex lives in 30 days. After the age of 50, 5*9=45, that is, you can have sex for 5 times in 40 days. After 60 years of age, 6*9=54, which means you can have 4 sex lives in 50 days. Even at the age of 70 or 80, you can have a proper sex life.

Seeing this data, many people may feel that their sex frequency is far from enough. As long as the husband and wife feel spiritually happy after the sex life, it does not affect the working status. more important. So if there is no sex for a long time, will it affect the body? The answer is yes. Men who have not had sex for a long time will cause the following problems

  • 1. Sexual function declines. the penis will decline if it is not used for a long time, and finally cause psychological and organic effects, leading to endocrine disorders, accelerating aging, and entering menopause early.
  • 2. The semen becomes worse. If there is no sex for a long time, the semen will always be stored in the body, resulting in incomplete liquefaction and agglomeration. When the semen is ejected, it will be pale yellow and sticky.
  • 3. The body deteriorates. Men who have not had a form for a long time will not only have poor physical fitness, but also their mental state, and their thinking ability, memory and analysis will also decline. This will seriously affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, a moderate and regular sex life is still very necessary for men.

What impact will women have if they have not had sex for a long time

How to Have Sex Regularly

1. Endocrine disorders

Long-term lack of sex will lead to abnormal secretion of estrogen in the body, and a long time will lead to endocrine disorders.

2. Dysmenorrhea

The menstruation of girls has a lot to do with the secretion of sex hormones. People who have not had sex for a long time will lead to reduced hormone secretion and dysmenorrhea.

3. Vaginitis

Due to the special position of the vagina, there will be a lot of bacteria in the vagina, but the vagina itself has a self-cleaning function, this is because a kind of mucus secreted in the vagina can sterilize. Long-term non-sexual life will cause this mucus to decrease, and a large number of germs will be produced and cause vaginitis.

4. Mental influence

If a woman has a strong sexual desire but has no sex for a long time, hormones will be deposited in the body and affect the nervous system. And long-term non-sexual life will lead to frigidity and decreased sexual performance, leading to early menopause. Human physiology should follow the laws of nature and avoid forcibly stopping one’s own desires. Excessive suppression of sexual life can also cause premature aging. Therefore, it is recommended that you still have a moderate and suitable sex life.

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