Inflatable Blow Up Doll Guide for Buyers

Inflatable Blow Up Doll Guide for Buyers

What is a Blow Up Doll?

Blow Up Doll is also called  Inflatable doll, which is a kind of adult sex toy. After inflating, it is close to the appearance and size of a real person, and generally has a simulated vagina or penis that can be used for sex.

blow up doll

Inflatable dolls are used instead of real people to satisfy orgasm. The inflatable doll is soft and elastic after inflating. When the gas is released, it is smaller and easy to carry or clean, and can be used repeatedly.

1. Weight: The weight of the inflatable doll will not be too heavy. It is between 1 kg and 7 kg. TPE or silicone sex dolls can be very heavy, tens of kilograms, but the price is high.

2. Inflatable: Inflatable dolls need to be inflated to use, when not inflated, small size, easy to carry. So dolls are equipped with air pump, of course, some dolls can also use mouth to blow.

3. Important organs: Inflatable dolls only have lower body organs which are made of soft silica gel. They have single channel, double channel, large single channel and large double channel (vagina and anus).

4. Smell: authentic dolls have no special taste, no plastic smell. However, poor quality dolls will have a bad plastic smell, so when choosing to buy, we should ask the seller clearly, how is the product quality, whether there is plastic taste, and so on.

Who invented the blow up doll?

During World War II, Hitler’s soldiers suffered a lot of innocent women, so many German soldiers suffered from venereal diseases.

Hitler and sex doll

To meet the normal needs of German soldiers, Hitler personally assigned the task to Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Waffen-SS, to produce inflatable dolls for soldiers to vent.

The first inflatable doll was produced in September 1941, but the plan was eventually aborted because the war was so bad that the Nazis focused their finances on a wider battlefield.

In August 1955, Max Weissbrodt of Haussel made the world’s first inflatable dolls available, called Bild Lilli. Someone gave Hitler the title of “father of inflatable dolls”.

what is a blow up doll used for?


Most people use inflatable dolls for masturbating, which is why most people buy them. They are cheap enough and well stored. Now many high-grade inflatable dolls can make sounds and even inject water into their chest.

2.Dress Her Up

Inflatable dolls are life-size when filled with gas, so you can dress her in your favorite clothes and even make her look like a model.

3.Can Be Used for Pranks

Party inflatable doll is ideal for the pranks. Scare your guests by dressing her up as a funny or creepy doll.

4.Prop for Party

To enjoy the Halloween inflatable dolls at its fullest, take the John blow-up doll out with you, and you can use it in the games.

blow up sex doll

How to use a blow up doll?

  1. First, you need to wear a wig (if any) for the inflatable doll.
  2. Secondly, the inflatable doll should be inflated with an inflatable pump.
  3. Thirdly, if some parts of the doll can be filled with water, warm water should be injected into the inflatable doll.
  4. Fourth, lubricants need to be applied to the vagina or penis.
  5. After putting on a condom, you can start having sex.
  6. Of course, after use, it is necessary to release the gas and thoroughly clean it. After drying, it will be put into the packing box for the next use.

Follow this video to watch Inflating a doll with foot pump

What does a blow up doll feel like?

Now the sexual experience of inflatable dolls is quite good, they have a scientific vaginal structure, some high-level inflatable dolls even have intelligent vibration frequency, with your sexual action, the greater the pressure on the doll, the vagina will be tighter, so as to constantly exercise your penis strength, so that your penis. Get stronger and stronger, and replace the real person to satisfy the orgasm.

Where can i buy a blow up doll?

1.Local Adult Sex Store

Many countries have local adult stores. In most cases, you can buy Inflatable dolls. This is a very common and inexpensive product.

2.Online Store

If you don’t have an adult store near you or the laws in your area don’t allow it, you can buy it online, commonly used as Amazon, Ebay, etc.

How much do blow up dolls cost?

Inflatable dolls are also inexpensive because of their simple structure. They usually cost about tens of dollars on Amazon. You don’t need to buy expensive inflatable dolls because you can consider purchasing more realistic TPE sex dolls with built-in metal structure, which have better experience.

amazon blow up doll

Is there a better choice than an inflatable doll?

Yes, inflatable dolls are cheaper, but they are not very similar in appearance to real people. If you want better sex toys, you can consider TPE sex dolls. The price of TPE sex dolls is between inflatable dolls and silicone sex dolls.

you can also get more about which sex doll should I buy between TPE and silicone.

TPE sex dolls do not need to be inflated. They have metal skeleton inside and can move freely with joints. The body part is filled with TPE material, which is safe and non-toxic. The skin is almost the same as real people, and the face looks very beautiful.

Our store sells TPE sex dolls from China. The price is very convenient. The 168cm TPE sex doll costs only $899, so you can go here and buy the TPE sex dolls.

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