Would Sex Dolls Stop Sex Offenders

Would Sex Dolls Stop Sex Offenders

According to a UNICEF report, about a tenth of the world’s 1.2 billion girls were raped or sexually assaulted by the age of 20.

The crime rate of sexual assault is still high. Can sex dolls solve this problem?

Sex dolls are becoming more and more like real people

More than a decade ago, most of the adult players in the market were inflatable dolls, although the price was cheap, dan’s, sex silicone dolls and TPE dolls were not many.

In recent years, with the development of technology, there have been many good brands of sex dolls. Skin elasticity and tactility solve real skin, body and appearance are also very good.

The body of sex dolls contains skeleton, which can imitate the action and posture of real people. Some intelligent dolls can keep body temperature, and even develop AI dolls, which can communicate with people and make body movements and expressions.

Would Sex Dolls Stop Sex Offenders

Sex dolls may not stop sexual assault directly

Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire in the United States, is a close friend of President Trump, former President Clinton and Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom. He has recently been arrested for his involvement in the sex trade.

He will face federal charges for incidents between 2002-2005, three senior law enforcement sources told NBC News.

A senior official briefed on the case said there were dozens of alleged underaged victims, some as young as 14.

Would Sex Dolls Stop Sex Offenders

For wealthy people, sex dolls are completely unnecessary because they can spend money to experience real feelings.

Sexual offenders are mostly poor people who have a long-term lack of sex, probably because they are unable to attract the opposite sex, or because there are fewer heterosexuals around them.

such as in Africa and India.

In less developed areas, it’s hard to afford expensive sex dolls.

Some of them may have suffered from childhood humiliation, resulting in psychopathy or distortions. They have committed sexual assault for the sole purpose of revenge, and sex dolls are difficult to meet their needs.

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Sex dolls give you sex

Obviously, sex dolls can solve your sexual life, and they won’t be dissatisfied or angry with your request like your girlfriend or wife. If you’re in a bad mood, some intelligent dolls can even chat with you, so in fact, they can indirectly reduce sexual crimes.

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