Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Many people have problems with cracks in TPE Sex Dolls, such as accidental scratches by sharp weapons or damage caused by too much movement.

Now let’s see how to repair the cracks in our dolls. We need to prepare some tools.

Repair tools

  • Bamboo or wood chips(Toothpick can also be used)
  • Repair glue
  • glove

Let’s take a small part of TPE material as an example.

You can follow the same steps in repairing your sex dolls.

Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Repair steps


Place Sex Dolls

Place the doll flat and keep the wound upward for easy follow-up operation.

Here we can see the obvious cracks.

Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Keep cracks clean

Clean the damaged surface first in order to avoid leaving dirt and affecting the beauty.

After cleaning, make sure there is no dust and water in and around the cracks, so as not to affect the glue adhesion.

Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Drop in glue

Open the cap of the glue bottle, stick a drop of glue with bamboo slices, and open the wound with the other hand. Drop the glue in, not too much.

Then apply a layer of glue evenly on the two sections.

Finally, apply a thin layer of glue to the wound surface.

Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Knead cracks

Knead the marks together and wait a minute or two. The cracks will stick.

Repair TPE Sex Dolls Tutorial

Matters needing attention

  • Usually there will be repairing glue in the kit given with the doll.
  • After kneading the cracks, it is normal that there will be some scars on the surface. In the future, we should also pay attention to this place as far as possible not to stretch too much.
  • The glue will corrode the silica gel or TPE, so only a small amount of glue can be used and applied evenly. If the glue is poured into the wound, the crack will be worse.
  • The glue needed for repairing TPE dolls is different from that for silicone dolls.
  • Do not use the doll immediately after repairing. It usually takes 2-3 hours for the crack to be completely firm.

If you still don’t understand, you can follow the operation of the video.

Follow the video

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