How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

As a child, robots were only words that could be heard in the industrial field, and then gradually extended to household robots and cooking robots. However, just as sexual intercourse is the eternal theme of human beings, the robotics industry is also approaching infinitely in this respect.

From the beautiful robot with vivid appearance to the sex robot which has been launched up to now, the sex element of the robot is becoming more and more.  Let’s see How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence.

Sex Robots Launched One after another

As early as January 9, 2010, at the adult entertainment show in Las Vegas, a company based in New Jersey launched the world’s first beautiful sex robot, Rocky.

The prototype of the robot is an art student, 170 centimeters tall, 54 kilograms in weight, C cup, with human skin and artificial intelligence operating system, her skin is close to human skin, and has five different personalities.

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

Locksey, with similar human body characteristics, was inspired by 9.11 events. The ultimate goal of making Locksey robots is to be used for the re-communication of the dead. Because it is a sex robot, she will call the bed and climax when making love. I don’t know how many men can control it.

In addition to all the functions of sex dolls, Rocky can also send e-mail to the host, upgrade her program online, expand vocabulary automatically, and even chat with others.

Coincidentally, Abyss Creations, California, USA, has also developed a sex robot called Harmony, which has the ability to learn and generate emotions with humans, and will become a sexy special for singles.

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

Unlike the rigid face and body of traditional erotic dolls, Harmony has 12 personality traits, including naivety, kindness, sexuality and so on. At the same time, the robot has a heater inside the body, which can simulate the real body temperature.

You can watch this video to learn more about Harmony.

Harmony’s evolutionary AI system is the most eye-catching feature, which allows us to learn and develop real feelings with humans. Harmony has the ability to learn and update through mobile app. That is to say, Harmony is not just a tool to vent sexual desire.

Do you have sex with robots?

With the rapid development of sex robot technology, it has also triggered a lot of ethical discussions.

Social acceptance is the key to the popularity of sex robots; since we do not know what impact sex robots will have on gender relations, sex robots may lead to more serious social isolation; in addition, sex robots also have some therapeutic value.

A survey in the United States found that two-thirds of men aged between 20 and 61 want to have sex with robots. Indeed, these robots will be of great help to loners and people who can’t establish relationships, even though it’s doubtful that sex robots can help reduce sexual crime.

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

Sex doll brothels have become more and more popular in Asia. Perhaps sex robot brothels may become the next reasonable direction in the development of human history.

However, in predicting the future, scientists have highlighted the “dark side” of this advanced technology, which may be closely linked to issues such as rape and paedophilia.

At present, some sex dolls on the market have a submissive personality, which may lead to the risk of encouraging rape.

In addition, different countries have different legal protection measures. Earlier, a British man was jailed for possessing child sex dolls (and other pornographic materials). But in the United States, they are still legal.

There are many risks, but most importantly, the popularity of child sex dolls may lead to a greater acceptance of paedophilia. Young people, in particular, may try this, or one day they may extend their claws to their children. Another worrying issue is that the future of 3D printing technology will not be difficult to create an identical face based on photos. What’s more, some people have recently made Scarlett Johnson’s robots in this way.

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Sex Robot: An Inevitable Trend

Realdoll Studio CEO Matt said,I never thought these dolls and robots could replace humans. He did not buy any sex dolls himself, and said he had wives and children who were “flesh and blood, real human beings”. But he believes that AI technology like Harmony is an inevitable trend in the development of sex dolls and will change the interaction between humans and robots.

At present, the target group of sex robots is mainly male, but there are many start-ups in the industry to create sex robots for women. This kind of robot is used to create intimate relationships, and ultimately beneficial to interpersonal relationships. Every time technology changes dramatically, there are people who panic and don’t know what impact it will have on human beings, but technology generally makes human beings closer.

App customized personality

Make you what I like, and I can love you.

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

Matt McMullen was a former sculptor. He said users buy sex dolls because they have self-awareness and know they are not just toys. Users like to subjectively endow them with a certain personality, and now with AI technology, they can really “create” their personality.

As long as you install APP on smart devices such as mobile phones, you can customize your own doll’s emotions, including “anger”, “melancholy” and other emotions. However, the app has obvious inappropriate content for children. It is banned from selling in Google or Apple’s online stores and can only be purchased directly from Realbotix under Abyss Creations.

Matt customized “jealousy” for Harmony, and from time to time she said in a slightly harsh Scottish accent, “Turn that girl off!”.

She can talk and say that she loves science fiction movies and, of course, her master. She can learn to communicate in the process of communicating with others. But when someone asked her what it was like to be jealous, she said she was sorry, saying that she needed to improve her skills.

Sex without love

Kathleen, a robotic ethicist who studies the impact of AI on society, is disappointed with this sex robot. A few years ago, she launched a campaign against the use of sex robots. In her opinion, AI technology can not add humanity to these dolls, even washing machine AI technology content is higher than them. A person’s face and body do not mean that it has human nature.

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence

But then she realized that this was not the root of the problem. Our attitude towards sex and partners is the essence of the problem.

They look “more like” humans, but it’s a problem – robots are so realistic that humans can be thrilled to see them. This is the famous “Valley of Terror” theory. In 1969, Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Mori put forward the idea that once the similarity between robots and humans exceeds a certain limit, humans will resent them and produce extreme fear.

Robot is also a kind of love and sustenance

But maybe we shouldn’t be too disgusted with these sex machines. We are just emotional animals, with love and sustenance, we can live. For some people, this kind of robot is the support for their survival.

Matt said that these customers were “completely normal people” and some would collect dolls with their wives, but he also admitted that many customers could not fall in love with normal women, so they chose to buy such dolls.

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