Why Sex Makes You Happy

Why Sex Makes You Happy

1. The purpose of sex

Have you thought why sex makes you happy? From the moment the earth gave birth to life, reproduction was the only way for life to continue. Since then, multicellular organisms have gradually evolved into sexually reproducing life forms.

In layman’s terms, sexual reproduction requires the combination of both males and females to breed the next generation. For mammals, it requires mating to complete, accompanied by pleasure!

Why Sex Makes You Happy

First of all, according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, it can be inferred that the pleasure of mating is the first mutation of some advanced life forms. Creatures that were initially happy to mate lived with their non-pleasure counterparts for many years.

When a certain period of time, because the external environment has changed, the food is reduced or the opposite sex is reduced. For creatures that are not happy to mate, they devote more energy to food or to cope with the influence of other external changes. For them, the mating itself does not matter and has no motivation. For creatures that have pleasure in mating, they will indulge in the enjoyment of that pleasure, and even if they are hungry, they are still motivated to mate. This is how their genes are passed on. And those animals that have no pleasure in mating have long been submerged in the long river of evolution!

But this explanation is not entirely correct, because mating is an animal instinct. It seems that at a certain age, this instinct is activated, and even if the animal has never tried the experience of mating, it will push the animal to mate. For such questions, evolution is not a perfect answer. Scientists are still wondering, what drives the instinct to mate?

2. Why sex makes you happy

Among the many chemical substances in the human brain, there is one name that stands out from everyone’s attention – dopamine. It is one of the chemical mediators of information transmission between neurons and helps to improve people’s mood and relieve stress, and sexual intercourse can promote the secretion of this substance.

3. How to Make Intercourse Happier

  • Enhance physical fitness: Generally speaking, people with better physical fitness will live longer, so basically, they should exercise and pay attention to nutrition.
  • Changing sex positions: Changing sex positions will add freshness to sex and prolong sex. The reason is that the muscles are more relaxed when the man exerts less force. Women will also get more pleasure from it.
  • Adjust the twitch speed: When there is a feeling of “ejaculation”, the man can pull out the male organ or suspend the twitch, which can reduce the sexual tension, and then resume the twitch according to the situation. Repeatedly repeating this action can significantly prolong the time of sexual activity.
  • Exercise with sex dolls: Sex is the work of two people. What matters is cooperation. Practice has proved that if women are good at guiding, men can appropriately extend the time of sexual activity, and women can obtain sufficient sexual satisfaction. When your spouse is unhappy, you can exercise sex with sex dolls, you can visit our sex doll list here

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