Sex Dolls and Their Lonely Owner

Sex Dolls and Their Lonely Owner

Lonely people in the city began to pin their affections on sex dolls, walk, eat, watch movies with the dolls, and plan the future of living with the dolls. Behind the life with the doll is the ultimate loneliness of man.

Jack’s Start with Sex Doll

On December 24, 2016, it was Jack and his first Christmas Eve with a TPE doll named Marilyn. In a popular restaurant, Marilyn in a wheelchair stays to Jack’s right.
It was a well-prepared date. The restaurant was recently opened and it was beautifully decorated during the festival. Marilyn wore a woolen cap with white pompoms and a silver wig on her head, and her pink coat had slender white fingers on her cuffs. Before coming to the restaurant, Jack went to the mall counter and bought Marilyn a gift, which was a beautiful lipstick.

Sex Dolls and Their Lonely Owner

There was a warm smell in the restaurant, and the accompanying people talked to each other. Jack took Marilyn’s hand, but couldn’t talk to it. Marilyn is a simulated silicone sex doll. The skeleton of the whole body is made of metal, and the bone is filled with sponge, and finally coated with TPE material. Marilyn has a pair of soft, delicate and smooth hands. If you look closely, you can see that the knuckles on the fingers are concave, and there are even small lines. The only difference is that these hands are always cold.

Jack grew up in a family where parents were constantly arguing. Unhappy mother was angry with children. In a lonely and passive environment, Jack, who had few friends, developed a sensitive and introverted personality.

The decision to buy a sex doll was related to a four-year long crush. Jack continuously sends out small gifts and strives to realize the wishes of the girls. The care is fully accepted, but there is little response. In 2014, Jack graduated from the university and separated from the girl. He believes that he will live alone in the future.

This year, he bought anime hand first. In the spring of 2016, he spent another $ 1300 to take over the dummy silicone doll from a doll player, which cost him a month’s salary. Jack named her “Marilyn”, and the day she got home was set as her birthday.

Jack spent a lot of money buying more than a dozen wigs and more than 20 clothes for Marilyn. He walked with Marilyn, watched the long-awaited movie premiere, went to a nice restaurant together, and looked forward to taking her to travel after learning to drive.

Marilyn enjoys a good deal: she eat birthday cake on March 6 every year, and accompany Jack for Christmas and New Year’s Eve for three consecutive years. In 2017, Marilyn’s first birthday, Jack fancy a set of Japanese anime clothes, and plans to use this as Marilyn Wedding dress.

Failure with Girlfriend

In the summer of 2017, the girl who had a crush on 6 years finally agreed to associate with Jack. His first date was at a Disneyland. He admired the girl’s elaborate makeup and blue dress, as well as kisses wrapped in sweet perfume.

But in the end the two couldn’t understand each other, and his girlfriend couldn’t understand why a man bought a sex doll. After a few dates, Jack occasionally thought of Marilyn, which would not happen when they went out together. Not long after, because his girlfriend lost contact for no reason, Jack offered to break up. The breakup ended his longing for reality, and this time the love affair didn’t seem so sad.

On March 7, 2019, Jack pushed Marilyn for a walk near the square. More than ten minutes away, passers-by constantly took photos with their mobile phones. After dark, the flash made his eyes uncomfortable. For a while, he didn’t take Marilyn out again.

As the only child, Jack hopes to be accompanied and no longer lonely, so he spends money on buying a second simulation doll. These ritual behaviors actually reflected Jack’s own wishes. He can determine the shape of the doll and shape the personality of the doll. This kind of need for the doll and she will never leave or betray her sense of control makes Jack confident.

Sex Dolls and Their Lonely Owner

Start a Business with Sex Doll

In November 2019, Jack left home to start a business this summer, and opened a cafe. He kept the habit of bringing Marilyn with him (due to going far, he could only take Marilyn’s head on an airplane).

At the beginning of the opening of the store, the partner withdrew the capital, and the cafe continued to lose money for three months. His debt accumulated to 50,000. In the last period, there were no customers. Jack sat with Marilyn at the bar.

After finishing the cafe operation, he didn’t have the energy to dress Marilyn again, Marilyn’s head was placed in the trunk, with clothes and quilts. He plans to bring Marilyn back to his hometown after the New Year.

Jack is a man who lives with sex dolls. People are more familiar with dolls that are used as sex tools. With the development of material technology, TPE and silicone materials are used to make sex dolls. This makes the faces of sex dolls more delicate, more shapely, and the touch is closer to real people. They start to secretly Enter the lives of the lonely and occupy a place in their spiritual world.

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