How Sex Dolls Are Made? 2

How Sex Dolls Are Made?

The market is full of adult sex dolls, dazzling and overwhelming. These dolls feel delicate skin moving touch, especially lifelike. So How Sex Dolls Are Made?


1.Processing TPE Raw Materials According to Formula

There are two main factors determining the quality of dolls, one is Raw Materials, the other is processing.

There are two main types of skin materials for sex dolls on the market, silica gel and TPE.

At the same time, we also need to consider the proportion of pigments added according to the color of the doll’s skin.

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Silica gel dolls are expensive. Today, we will take TPE dolls as an example to explain some knowledge of ingredients.

At present, we often see the raw material TPE/TPR of 0 A-10A hardness adult products in the market. Most people in the industry know that the formula of adult products is simple, but there are still many TPE manufacturers do not do well. In fact, the key point of materials like this is not the formulation, but the selection of production process and materials including oil brand number.

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2.Metal Skeleton Placed in A Model and Injected with TPE

All solid dolls contain skeleton, which makes it convenient for us to fix their posture while having sex, and also increases the weight of the doll.

The manufacturer will first make and stitch the basic skeleton of the doll, and finally fix it in the die, so that it can be integrated with the condensed TPE material.

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3.Removed From The Mold

In addition, some body structures, such as head, hands, feet and vagina, may be made separately. When TPE is formed, we can remove them from the mould and install them on the body.

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When removing from the mould, there are often some defects, and the staff will repair them to make them look neater.

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4.Installation of Body Parts

In the process of splicing, the screw is often used to fix the joint. At the same time, whether the joint movement is normal, whether the skin is defective, if there are cracks, special glue will be used to repair them.

5.Make Up % Customization

Make-up is mainly directed at the head and nail parts of the doll.

After the makeup is done, the doll can start packing.

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This is the basic process of doll making. If you haven’t seen it clearly, you can watch this video.

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