Sex Doll Defective Products

Sex Doll Defective Products

The dolls produced by any sex doll manufacturer involve a part of hand-made. For the parts produced by the machine, such as TPE and silicone raw materials, skeletons, etc. high yields can be guaranteed, but for makeup and processing of raw edges, They may cause defects. If the yield rate of a doll is 90%, how to deal with 10%? This should be treated in two cases.

1. The body is not shaped

Such dolls are generally not available for sale. Generally, factories will destroy them. If some of the raw materials can still be used, they will be recycled.

Sex Doll Defective Products

2. Slightly defective sex dolls

For example, when the worker is cutting, the defect caused by too much force is similar to the appearance of the finished product. At this time, the factory will generally ask the agent if it is needed. Many agents like this kind of goods because the price is very cheap, so You see the unreasonable discounts all over the world, some of them may be defective.
In addition, there is a special situation, that is inventory. For example, this raw material has been opened in the factory, and the storage period is very short. If it is not used up within the specified time, it will be wasted, so The factory will make the inventory for the extra part, and whoever wants to place an order next time will not have to wait and can ship directly, so the inventory is not a defective product, and the price will not be too different from the new product.

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