Are You a Lust Tool?

Are You a Lust Tool?

Pretty girls are more popular?

If you are a beautiful girl, or a handsome boy, you will often be sought after. This pursuit is only driven by pure adolescent hormones usually. They do not have any emotional basis.

Are You a Lust Tool?

Some people feel that they are very popular with the opposite sex, the fact is that in the eyes of the opposite sex, you can let them secrete more hormones. This is an instinct for human beings as animals. We have never been able to completely suppress our sexual impulses. For many people who are gentle, their self-control is only stronger.

In the animal kingdom, female animals usually choose strong males, which can increase the survival chance of offspring. For males, they also do their best to spread their genes, but this estrus period is usually only once a year. Humans are a very special kind of animal, which is in heat 365 days a year. There will be a bunch of boys around beautiful girls. What is surprising is that they are not all for marriage. Most of them just want to use girls as a tool for libido.

Body or Heart

Have you ever thought about whether your heterosexual partner loves your body or your heart? There may be different answers to this question:

For boys: only one girl is willing to have sex with him, can it prove that the girl loves him

For girls: she is only willing to have sex with boys if the boy loves her.

Are You a Lust Tool?

Many people also choose to use sex toys, because they are tired of this hypocritical life, they do not want to spend time to tell some falsehoods to deceive the opposite sex, sex toys can get a more pure sex experience. Especially when one feels lost. Dopamine secreted during sex can relieve fatigue.

Love not for the purpose of marriage is mostly for the purpose of solving sexual needs and enjoying sexual pleasure. Almost every girl who is ignorant of youth will be injured several times in the scam of boy love, and all girls who do not believe in love are caused by not understanding the nature of men and women. Other animals are because they need a final harmony and civilization.

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