Air Doll Movie Guide
When an air doll has a heart, she walks into the real human world. After experiencing the joys and sorrows, she finally finds that there are air dolls like her in the world. Although Air Doll has no heart or thought, how many real people have acted as Air Dolls in modern society?One of the highlights of this film is the choice of background music, which can always add a lot to the film's "expression". The film kicked off with soothing and depressing music, and silently smeared all the characters in the film with tragic colors. Another feature is the attention to detail, ambush pens everywhere, interlocking, plot and plot is extremely compact.

New Life && Unknown Life

In the film, there are unpretentious restaurant waiters, fathers who are focused on children, overeating girls, middle-aged women who are afraid of aging, women who watch the crime news every day, as well as the owner of the DVD store and the DVD Shop helpers, they are the so-called "air dolls" in the movie. The old bald man who has acted as a teacher for a lifetime is more like a pessimistic bystander and critic of life; Xiaowang was a full-hearted person before the lover lost. After the lover died, his heart became empty. The woman who says "hard work" everywhere is the only person with a full heart in the movie.Air Doll Movie GuideFirst appeared was the male owner, a restaurant waiter, and the conversation with the doll after returning home revealed that this is a person who has had a special emotional experience.The next day, Xiaowang, who turned into a real person, got up and there was a lot of foreshadowing. The first foreshadowing was the lines left on her body that were deliberately presented in the movie screen. In the later plot, because of his own lines, Xiao Wang naturally thought that the old women who wore lined stockings were also dolls , And also specially sent her a box of foundation to cover the lines. The second foreshadowing is the transparent shadow of Xiaowang presented in the picture.During the night walk between Xiaowang and the DVD store helper Chunyi, Xiaowang's shadow is transparent, and Chunyi's shadow is real, which is also That is to tell the audience that Chunyi is a real person, and the plot of the walk contradicts the following "I am the same as Xiaowang", who is also the same, and I am not different. Xiaowang happily thinks Chunyi is also an air doll. At the end of the film, Xiaowang paved the way for Chunyi's inflatable plot. In fact, what Chunyi said was the same as the old bald man saying, "I am empty and empty". What I said was spiritual emptiness, but they were all heard by simple Xiaowang as another meaning.After getting up, Xiaowang touched the dew and bathed in the morning light, and the background music became light. She dressed herself and went out to see the father who was throwing herself on her daughter. She also met the worker who was distributing garbage, and the workers were talking about "flammable" and "non-flammable". This plot also echoed many plots in the back. It ’s non-combustible garbage, but we (human beings) are combustible garbage after death. It makes no difference. ”The second is that Xiao Wang put Chunyi ’s body in the combustible garbage heap, and then she curled up in the non-combustible garbage heap herself.Air Doll Movie GuideXiaowang, who had just arrived in this world, was as pure and kind as a baby. She held hands with a little girl, but the girl thought her hand was too cold; playing with all the children, but was regarded as a neuropathy by the parents of the children. She was so pure in nature that she did not know the reason for being left out, so she continued to walk to the door of the DVD store, and the light and bright music hinted that she would enter a wonderful journey.After that, all the representatives were placed in the spotlight by the characters one by one: the woman is a man who is afraid of aging and is not confident when competing with young girls in the workplace; this young man who peeks into the scenery of the skirt of Xiaowang is a masturbation mad; Picking up an apple on the way home from work, the camera immediately showed a woman who gave up and overeat.Air Doll Movie GuideAfter having a heart, Xiaowang learned to lie; after having a heart, she no longer feels nothing when she has sex with her host, but she abandons herself in her heart. Alternatives to address libido ".The dialogue between Xiaowang and Chunyi wiped the disc together is meaningful.
Pure: "(the dust on the disc) is invisible but exists" Hope: "It's hard to understand"
In fact, this dialogue is telling the audience that although Xiaowang's heart is invisible, it still exists. Xiaowang and Chunyi went to the beach together. Xiaowang asked what it meant to "get older", and Chunyi replied: "It is growing up slowly and approaching death." Chunichi replied: "End of life." The forbidding buried in this plot will be explained later.Xiaowang picked up an empty glass bottle on the beach, ecstatic, washed it and brought it home. Why does she like empty bottles? Not because the bottles look good, but because they are empty like her.The subsequent episode of Xiaowang and Chunyi dinning was to cite the plot of the birthday of the little girl, Meng (the daughter of the father who was focused on the child). The scene of the little girl's birthday moved Xiaowang to envy and envy, so naturally, she set the stage for the scene where Xiaowang imagined her birthday at the end. This reflects Xiaowang's desire to be truly cared for and loved by people, not just as a doll to solve sexual desire.On the way back from the restaurant, Xiaowang saw a withered dandelion. This tiny detail just echoed the picture of the dandelion flying at the end. It had to be admired by the director and screenwriter.

The world is not what you understand

When returning home, Xiaowang found the carton that originally contained her when she was cleaning the room. It turned out that her name was "Katie". Why did the male host call her Xiaowang? The screenwriter set a suspense here.The next day, in the dialogue between Xiao Wang and the old man's bald head, the old bald man's sentence "Everyone is (empty), especially everyone living in this city." Directly clarified the main purpose of the film-modern city The hearts of the few are barren.Subsequently, Xiao Wang said a full of literary words, "Life may not be completed successfully by its own power, life is essentially cherished by an important lack, and is completed by the existence of the other. Like a flower, even if the stamen and pistil Gathering is not enough, it still needs visits from insects and breezes. "The interpretation of the theme of the film adds a lot of color, and it also makes the theme of the film more diversified.Air Doll Movie GuideXiao Wang scratched his body at work. This plot made the originally gentle storyline steep and twisted. What is even more surprising is why Chunyi knew that Xiao Wang was a doll and did not escape because of fear, but calmly put Xiaowang blows up again. Because you really love Xiaowang? The plot behind tells us that the answer is no.Xiaowang had "scars" on her body, which became Xiaowang's second outlet, and also created conditions for Xiaowang's chronic suicide. The body is full of pure breath, Xiao Wang is immersed in the love that she thinks, and hopes that she can have "age" and "death" like a normal person, so she throws away the inflatable device at home, And often peel off the transparent tape on the "wound", let go of some of the gas in the body, so that he is one step closer to aging and one step closer to death. This is the response to the plot that Xiaowang asked Chunyi "age" and "death" on the beach.Air Doll Movie GuideChunyi invited Xiaowang to his house, and Xiaowang accidentally found a stack of photos. The woman in the photo was obviously Chunyi ’s ex-girlfriend. The helmet he wore was the same as the woman in the photo, which implied that Chunyi He still loves his ex-girlfriend deeply, and Xiao Wang, who has always been particularly sensitive to the word "substitute", feels that he has become a substitute for his ex-girlfriend. So when Chunyi asked Xiaowang if she was in pain, Xiaowang agreed. This kind of pain is physical pain on the one hand, and pain because of being a substitute on the one hand.Air Doll Movie GuideAfterwards, Xiaowang was frustrated again and was raped by the owner of the DVD store. At this time, she once again said: "I am an air doll, responsible for the replacement of sexual desire." Back home, Xiao Wang didn't want to be the male host's "replacement for sexual desire" again, so he hid in the storage room. The male owner could not find Xiaowang, so he called someone, and there was a paragraph "You lost it? Well, it's not something important." The "it" refers to Xiaowang. Xiao Wang didn't expect to live together for so long, but in the end it was such a sad ending.The next night, Xiao Wang, who was hiding in the storage room, heard that the host was celebrating the birthday of another, and was puzzled and went upstairs to check while the host was in the toilet. As expected, the male owner bought a new doll. When the host returned from the toilet, he was shocked to see Xiaowang. Compared with the previous calmness, the male host's reaction is much normal. The following conversation made the male host quite ridiculous.
Hope: "I, I have a heart." Male: "Heart?" Hope: "Yes, heart." Male: "Why?" Wang: "I don't know." Wang: "Tell me, what do you like me." Male: "I like ..." Wang: "You can't tell, even the name" Xiao Wang "is your girlfriend's" Male: "You peek at my blog?" Hope: "I'm just her substitute" Male: "Listen, can you do me a favor? Before returning, be a baby" Hope: "When to return to the doll?" Male: "Yes, ordinary ... inflatable doll, is that okay?" Hope: "Do you want me to be careful?" Male: "Yes, it's too much trouble. This kind of thing is too much trouble for me. That's why I chose you." Hope: "I'm in trouble? It's cruel to say that." Male: "I don't mean that, no. You are not in trouble, it is in human trouble."
In this dialogue, the content of the dialogue not only explained the weird behavior of the previous male host and Xiaowang, pushing the wheelchair to date with Xiaowang, but also explained that in modern society, there are many "loves like the host". Incompetent. " This is another deep topic left by the film to the audience.Air Doll Movie Guide

Liberate myself

Xiaowang returned to his real home-the doll workshop. The workshop owner was not surprised to see the living body Xiaowang, but instead said: "Welcome home!" Xiaowang asked the workshop owner why he had the heart, and the workshop owner did not know. Xiaowang said: "It is painful to have a heart." The workshop owner invited Xiaowang to the attic, where the dolls were abandoned after use. The workshop owner said: "They are non-combustible garbage, but we are combustible garbage after death What's the difference. "When leaving, the workshop owner asked Xiaowang:" Can you tell me something? Is everything you see in this world sad? Is there anything good? "Xiao Nodded. The workshop owner replied: "That's good."Chunyi invited Xiaowang to his house again and again. In the car, Xiaowang said: "I don't care who his substitute is." Chunyi said: "You are not a substitute for whom." Xiaowang replied: "I would like to do it for you Do anything, this is the reason why I was born. Anything you want. "Chun Yi said:" There is something I can not ask others, but ... only you. "Only what Xiaowang can do, in the subsequent In the bed scene, what the pure couple did was to deflate, deflate, deflate, and deflate until they were exhausted.Chun Yi clearly knew that Xiao Wang was painful when he deflated, but he still carried out this perverted behavior to her, which only showed that he did not love her, but only extended the last relationship to Xiao Wang, and still carried a pervert Psychologically, to put it bluntly, Xiaowang is a substitute for Chunyi's ex-girlfriend. Chunyi uses Xiaowang to fill his spiritual emptiness.Simple Xiaowang thought that Chun Yi was really a doll, so he used a knife to make a cut on Chun Yi's stomach. Just like before Chun Yi, he used a scotch tape to stop the wound and blow Chun Yi. In the end, Junichi lost too much blood and died. According to what the previous workshop owner said: "We are‘ burnable garbage ’after our death.” Xiao Wang packed Junichi ’s body in a plastic bag and placed it in a pile of combustible garbage.Air Doll Movie GuideAfter Chunyi died, Xiaowang no longer had any sustenance in his spirit, tore the tape, slowly deflated, and lay in a non-combustible garbage heap, surrounded by empty glass bottles and apples he had picked up, waiting slowly in despair. .Finally, the background music was replaced by breath, like the painful exhalation of Xiao Wang when he leaked. The flying dandelion once again pulled the camera towards the doll in the world. In the end, the gluttony girl opened the window and looked at the sight of death, exclaiming: "It's beautiful."The movie ends here. The plot of this film is simple and even dull, but its main purpose is diversified, leaving more space for the audience to think. There are both concerns about people's spiritual emptiness and status, and rational thinking about life.