12 Wrong Ways to Use Condoms

12 Wrong Ways to Use Condoms

Summer always wants to have a passionate sex. It may not be possible without the help of sex toys, but it is also inseparable from the intimate protection of condoms. Everyone may think that the condom is very simple, just put it on. In fact, the seemingly simple small details are also easy to make mistakes. What are the wrong wearing methods you may have encountered?

12 Wrong Ways to Use Condoms

1. too late

A large number of people do n’t wear condoms until after sex has started. The correct way is to wear condoms before sex begins, including during intimacy, to prevent intimate contact with the sex organs.

2. too early

Some people hurriedly remove the condom before sexual intercourse is completely completed. Although the ejaculation is completed, the removal of the condom may still cause pregnancy or spread diseases.

12 Wrong Ways to Use Condoms

3. Unroll before wearing

About 17% of people will completely unroll a condom before wearing it. This may cause the condom to break and lose its function.

4. Leave some space for semen

Regular condoms have seminal vesicles. Some people have encountered situations where there are no seminal vesicles or there is insufficient space for seminal vesicles. This can easily rupture the condom and cause pregnancy.

5. Not exhausting air

Almost half of women and 41.6% of men did not have the habit of venting the tip air when using it, which eventually led to the condom rupture. The correct way is to gently squeeze with your fingers to remove the air inside.

6. not fully expanded

If you only expand the condom halfway, then you start sex. It is very dangerous and easily spreads sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Open the package with a sharp object

Using a knife or sharp nails to cut the outer packaging may cause the latex to crack.

12 Wrong Ways to Use Condoms

8. Do not check before use

Check the shelf life and quality of condoms before use. Otherwise, your condom may have expired.

9. No lubricant or wrong lubricant

Not using a lubricant will increase the friction of the condom, leading to the risk of rupture. If necessary, it is recommended to apply a lubricant to the condom. But now condoms are generally self-lubricating. Using an oily base lubricant degrades the latex and reduces the strength of the condom. 3.2% of female respondents and 4.7% of men make such mistakes.

10. Improper penis withdrawal time

If the penis is already weak and pulled out, it is easy for the condom to slip off. Obviously this way is not right.

11. Reuse

Condoms are disposable and should never be reused!

12. wrong storage

Improper storage of condoms, such as overheated environments, direct sunlight, or in a closet, will reduce the life of condoms.

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