Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen

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Key Features

  • Safe TPE Material: Made of safe medical TPE material,  soft touch & Non-toxic.
  • Built-in Metal Skeleton: Full size body inside stainless skeleton ensures a variety of postures.
  • 100% Discreet fast shipping by DHL/UPS: protect your privacy, without any words on your package.
  • Free Gifts: Wigs, sexy lingerie (sent at random), vaginal cleaning kit, gloves, so on.


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Packaging Information.

All dolls are made of TPE or silica gel with built-in metal skeletons, In addition to sex dolls, we also provide condoms, lubricants, talcum powder, gloves and other gifts (some countries and regions do not allow the customs to receive transport powder and liquid, so we can not provide such gifts).

The length, width and height of the package are slightly less than the size of the same size real person. For example, a 168cm Asian sex doll with normal breast size has a packaging size of 155*42*30 cm and a weight of 41 kg.

Why Littlesexdolls.com

  • Get the most realistic sex doll. our factory has more than 10 years of research and development experience, all dolls have been through strict quality testing.
  • We only use 100% safe and non-toxic advanced TPE and silica gel materials, which would not harm your health.
  • We guarantee that you can buy a sex doll at the lowest price on the market
  • 7* 24-hour service, from purchase, shipping, to use, without missing any of your questions.

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    Story of Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen

    Helen is a young looking Asian mannequin. She always wears tight black lingerie and looks very sexy.

    When she takes off the clothes of this Japanese Teen Sex Doll, we can see the beautiful naked body. Every inch of skin is so perfect. We use TPE as Helen’s skin material. This material is safe, non-toxic, as soft and elastic as the real skin. In addition, Helen’s interior also has metal skeleton, so you can put on the same sexual posture as the real person.

    To meet the needs of most people, Helen’s vagina is 17 cm deep. Surprisingly, you can also have sex with her through her mouth and anus.

    Now, you can take this mannequin sex doll away for only a few hundred dollars, and you don’t have to pay anything else. We offer free global private transportation.

    Doll Measurements

    類型:TPE Sex Doll
    產品名稱:Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen
    材料:TPE With Composite Steel Skeleton
    性別類型:Vagina / Anus / Oral Sex
    高度:4 ft 10 in / 148 cm
    膚色:Tan/Light Tan/ Fair/White available
    乳房腰圍臀圍尺寸:86– 57– 85 CM
    陰道深度:17 CM
    Anus Depth:15 CM
    Oral Depth:12 CM
    Net Weight:28.25KG
    包裝規格:144*40*27 CM
    重量32 kg
    尺寸144 × 40 × 27 cm

    4英尺10 /148厘米

    Breast Waist Hips Size

    70 * 50 * 80 cm

    3評論 Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen

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      good product

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      Love it exactly what I expected

    3. Gaylord (通過驗證的所有者)

      Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

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