140cm D-cup Young Sex Doll

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Realistic Young Sex Doll

The 140cm life like young sex doll‘s body is very seductive. They are between mature and young. Their skin is flawless, there is no extra fat, and there are no prominent breasts and buttocks, but they are still perfect.

Our designer perfectly integrated the sex function on this 140cm D-cup Young Sex Doll. She looks very kind and she has very round breasts. You can have sex with her on the balcony or sofa at any time.

The skin-friendly TPE material we use has strong elasticity and softness. Even if you don’t bring a condom, you can easily insert the penis into the vagina and get perfect wrapping and pleasure. You can have sex as much as you like, for our doll is easy to clean and maintain.

Hot Young Sex Doll Measurement

Locus originis: Sina
Notam nomen: WM Sex Dolls
Model Number: A_10
typus: Doll sexus
Product Name: 4ft7′ (140cm) D-cup Young Sex Doll
material: Food Grade TPE & Metal Skeleton
Genus sexus; Vagina / Anus / Oral
altitudinis: VII, in IV ft / 140cm
Cutem color, Tan / Lux Tan / Fair / praesto Alba
Coxis pectus Waist Location: 80 – 48 – 75 CM
Profundum corporis fabrica: XVII CM
Profundum ani; XVII CM
Oral depth: XV cm
Net pondus: 26KG
Package Weight: 30KG
Magnitudine sarcina: 138*38*27 CM

young sex doll

real young sex doll

hot young sex doll

realistic young sex doll

pondus XXX kg
dimensiones 130 × 40 × 29 cm

VII, in IV ft / 140cm

Coxis Size pectus Waist

80 * 48 * 75 cm

Ut etiam ...

optimum Design

V annos experientia pupa consilio et productio, nec pupa maxime idoneam ad usus sexus

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