Japán szerelmi baba valódi baba rabja - Gladys

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Key Features

  • Confidential Packge: ordinary box packaging, no special words on the box, ship by DHL or UPS in 5-15 days.
  • High-Quality TPE: FDA approved medical grade TPE is ultra-soft and safe and Non-Toxic.
  • High-Quality Build-in Metal Skeleton: Metal alloy skeleton, innovative skeleton & joints for advanced posture and positions as real woman. best choice for Real Doll Addict.
  • Free Gifts & Optional wigs, height, skin tone and so on.


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Story of Japanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict – Gladys

Gladys is a nightclub girl, also known as the nightclub princess by the people who like her. She always wears sexy Sheth dress and shuttles in the corridor. No one wants to fuck her.

Her nipples are pink, the breasts are just the right size, the waist is slim, you can easily grasp with both hands, the vagina is 17 cm deep, you can accommodate the penis, and the same as the real structure of the vagina, so that you can feel a strong sense of comfort penis.

Gladys’s skin is TPE, as soft and safe as real people. You can safely touch Gladys, whether in bed, on the sofa, on the floor, or in the bathroom, through the built-in metal skeleton, you can make Gladys pose like you.

Gladys can not only be used as a sex doll, but also a very good handicraft. which is the best choice for Real Doll Addict and those who like this Japanese Love Doll. If you like, please place an order and take it home. We provide Free Worldwide Shipping.

Doll Measurements

Márkanév:LIT szex babák
Típus:TPE szex baba
Termék név:Japán szerelmi baba valódi baba rabja - Gladys
Anyag:TPE élelmiszer-osztályú kompozit acélváz
Nem típusa:Vagina / Anus / Oral Sex
Magasság:5 ft 5 in / 165 cm
Bőrszín:Tan/Light Tan/ Fair/White available
Mell derék csípő mérete:86– 57– 86 CM
Hüvelyi mélység:17 CM
Anus Depth:15 CM
Oral Depth:12 CM
Bruttó súly:41KG
Nettó tömeg:36KG
Csomag mérete:155 * 42 * 30 CM


Japanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - GladysJapanese Love Doll for Real Doll Addict - Gladys

Súly41 kg
Méretek155 × 42 × 30 cm

165 láb 5 láb 5 hüvelyk

Mell derék csípő mérete

86 * 57 * 86 cm

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3 vélemény a következőre: Japán szerelmi baba valódi baba rabja - Gladys

  1. Marshall (ellenőrzött tulajdonos)

    Overall a Very Heavy, Stiff Doll. But very realistic. My only complaint is that the Wig it comes with is very hard to style. They are sending a second wig and set of eyes from china for free. Not sure if it is the same quality. Comes in a discreet box which is very nice!

  2. Sher (ellenőrzött tulajdonos)

    This was a very good buying experience. Very good quality and almost 1/3 the price other sites charge. I can buy about 3 of these for what I was ready to spend. Would buy from again, no questions asked.

  3. Andre (ellenőrzött tulajdonos)

    1st thing before buying one have somewhere to put it before it arrives it is really heavy size 5 shoes and medium size underwear and lare top I recommend to have it lain down and when picking it up try not to dig your nails into it it weighs a 125 pounds but feels like 250

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