Seapáinis Saol Méid Anime Gnéas Doll - Gnéas robot Yumi

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  • ❤ Realistic Appearance of Sex Doll, soft and elastic skin, and the texture is closer to the real person’s feeling.
  • ❤ Realistic look, imitating body design, slim female body, real vagina experience.
  • ❤ Healthy Materials: Use medical TPE, soft & pliable material, non-toxic, just odorless safely use.
  • ❤ The sweetest and softest intimacy brings you the truest experience.
  • ❤ Private Packaging – 100% safe package by DHL / UPS, without any sensitive words to leave. Feel free to place order.

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      Upgraded to an AI robot, the head and eyes are mobile, simulating facial expressions, as well as human conversation and voice systems
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Japanese women are usually gentle and kind. Finding a Japanese girlfriend is a very good choice, but few people have the opportunity to meet Japanese girls. This Japanese Life Size Anime Sex Doll is designed for singles, and she can meet your emotional and sexual needs.

She can speak to you fluently, understand what you mean, and even tell jokes. Of course, she also has the full function of a sex doll. No matter when you want to have sex, her vagina completely mimics real Japan. Feminine design, the inner wall of the vagina can produce friction, which stimulates your penis. At the same time, the elastic vaginal opening can tightly wrap your penis and produce the most true sex feeling.

We carefully carved every part of the doll, whether it is the vulva, face, fingers, or toes, you can see the clear outline, which is definitely not comparable to cheap inflatable dolls.

In addition, we also incorporate the design of metal skeletons. This doll can be made in various poses like a real person. You can also put her in a holiday dress and make her a charming Asian model.

We guarantee a 3-15 day delivery time limit for EU countries and the United States. We use UPS for confidential transportation. The package will not contain product information. You can sign for it safely.

Tomhais Doll

Place of Origin:China
Ainm branda:limao Sex Dolls
Uimhir Samhail:lm_7
cineál:TPE Sex Doll (AI Sex Robot)
Ainm Táirge:Seapáinis Saol Méid Anime Gnéas Doll - Gnéas robot Yumi
Ábhar:Medical Grade TPE With Metal Skeleton
Cineál Gnéas:Vagina sex/ Anus sex/ Oral sex available
airde:5 ft 6 in / 168 cm Love doll
Dath craicinn:Tan/Light Tan/ Fair/ White available
Cíoch Waist hips Size:76 – 60 – 81 CM
Foot length:21 CM
Doimhneacht faighne:18 CM
Anal Depth:16 CM
Doimhneacht ó bhéal:13 CM
Pacáiste Méid:156*42*32 CM


Japanese Life Size Anime Sex Doll - Sex Robot Yumi

Japanese Life Size Anime Sex Doll - Sex Robot Yumi

meáchan39 kg
Toisí156 × 42 × 32 cm

5 ft 6 in 168cm /

Cíoch Waist hips Méid

76 * 60 * 81 cm

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