Mini Love Doll – June

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Key Features

❤Realistic Sex Doll – 100cm sexy doll with Soft and real skin.

❤The head can be replaced and made up, playability increasingly. Three tunnels on the body, which are realistic interior-design.

❤Accessories and body size are comprehensive. Customization is available. Please contact us before purchase if you want advanced updates!

❤Upgraded stainless steel skeleton and joints are adjustable to accommodate a variety of postures. Safety and odorless Solid TPE is to build a perfect girl-figure. Weigh is similar to real women as well.

❤Excellent customer service in our store, pre-sale and after-sales service included, ensuring you can know how the doll is posed and cautions, and 100% Private & Discreet shipping.

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Mini Love Doll for Sale

June is a charming Mini Love Doll, she has a pair of big eyes, although her body is developing, it still can not hide her sexy. When she wears a white tube dress and reveals half of her small white breasts, it’s hard to resist. We offer an optional height of 68-125 cm.

June’s vagina is 17 cm long, which is enough to satisfy most people’s needs, and her vagina and anus are usable. With metal alloy skeleton inside, you can make June pose sexually easily. Of course, her skin is also soft, which is made of safe and non-toxic TPE material.

This mini love doll is very suitable for sex. Most importantly, June’s price is very affordable. For a cheap lifelike 100 cm Sex Doll, you only need to spend $399 without shipping fee. We will provide free discreet shipping to US and European countries.

Mini Love Dolls Measurements

Бренд: LIT Секс Ляльки
Номер моделі: 43-azm
Тип: TPE Пол Doll
Назва продукту: Mini silicone love doll – June
матеріал: TPE With Composite Steel Skeleton
Тип Пол: Секс з піхвою / анусом
Висота: 3 фути 3 в / 100 см
Колір шкіри: Tan / Light Tan / Fair / White доступний
Груди Талія Стегна Розмір: 66– 39– 64 CM
Вагінальний Глибина: 17 CM
Анус Глибина: 17 CM
Вага брутто: 16KG
Вага нетто: 12.2KG
Розмір упаковки: 92 * 31 * 22 см

Mini Love Doll Video & Gallery

mini love doll

Вага 13 kg
розміри 92 × 31 × 22 cm

3 фути 3 дюйма / 100 см

Розмір стегон грудей

66 * 39 * 64 cm

3 reviews for Mini Love Doll – June

  1. Abbot (verified owner)

    I am someone who custom creates heads for mannequins and I’ve gotten a few requests to make custom love doll heads. I bought this for myself to learn how they are made due to the price and I was very surprised. The quality seems very good, even though I don’t have a way to compare it to other products.

    0 0
  2. Z***a (verified owner)

    beautiful I love it

    0 0
  3. Ronnie (verified owner)

    Extremely fast shipping.Very good seller!Thank you 😉

    0 0
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