Fairy Petite Sex Doll – Kathy

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  • 3 enjoy the part, wonderful sense of use, as shown in the picture.
  • Safety TPE material, soft and smooth, feels like reality. 125cm body, Easy to store.
  • Built-in metal skeleton, make poses as you like.
  • Fast Free Discreet shipping, she will soon arrive at your address from China by DHL / UPS.
  • You can choose the color of your eyes and wig, so on. you can contact customer service at any time.

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Артикул: 65-aizhimei Категорії: , , ,

Story of Fairy Petite Sex Doll – Kathy

Kathy is an independent precocious girl. She likes to dress up and always wears beautiful dresses.

She likes to play with adult men, which may be the reason why you fall in love with her.

The Petite Sex Doll is made of TPE, The designer refers to some of the fairies in Asian mythology and applies them to her.

Her face is small and limbs are very slender. Despite being a 125cm doll, it weighs only 14.2kg.

Whether viewed from a distance or near, the Fairy Sex Doll has an extraordinary temperament.

Her skin is as soft as the real person, while her weight is not large, only a dozen kilograms, but her vagina is 17 cm deep enough to meet the needs of most people, which also makes sex very comfortable.

Лялькові Вимірювання

Бренд:LIT Секс Ляльки
Номер моделі:65-azm
Тип:TPE Пол Doll
Назва продукту:Fairy Petite Sex Doll – Kathy
матеріал:TPE З Композитний стали Skeleton
Тип Пол:Vagina / Anus Sex
Висота:4 ft 1 in / 125 cm
Колір шкіри:Tan / Light Tan / Fair / White доступний
Груди Талія Стегна Розмір:50– 38– 60 CM
Вагінальний Глибина:17 CM
Анус Глибина:15 CM
Вага брутто:16.5KG
Вага нетто:14.2KG
Розмір упаковки:115*33*24 CM


Fairy Petite Sex Doll - Kathy

Fairy Petite Sex Doll - Kathy

Fairy Petite Sex Doll - Kathy

Fairy Petite Sex Doll - Kathy

Вага16 kg
Розміри115 × 33 × 24 cm

1 фут / 125 см

Розмір стегон грудей

50 * 38 * 60 cm


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