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  • Free discreet shipping worldwide by UPS or EMS.
  • After you submit the order, we will spend about 1-3 gün to make your dolls, and then it takes 4-10 gün for express delivery.
  • The package is legal to the countries where we can ship to, so you don’t need to worry about legal risks.
  • For the United States, European Union countries and some Asian Countries, we will handle customs duties for you, so you can receive package at home, other countries may need to pay customs duties. View the table below for more details.

Shipping Countries

North America CountriesUSA, Canada, Mexico
Asian CountriesJapan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar
European Countries:Germany, UK, France, Poland, Czech, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Monaco, Austria, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Russia
Other Countries and Region:Australia, Colombia, Chile

Not on the above list? bize Ulaşın

The following regions and countries may need to handle customs tax by yourselves.

Canada, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Colombia, Chile.

Sipariş İptali

  • You can always cancel your order before we start to produce your doll. It is totally free. we generally produce your doll after 24 hours.


  • Because sex dolls are customized products, once ordered, we will start customizing your dolls, so refunds are desteklenmiyor after we start the production process. But you can refund anytime before we produce.
  • Sevkıyattan önce, eksiksiz bir denetim yapacağız. Sevkıyattan önce ambalajın videosunu almak istiyorsanız, veya çevrimiçi müşteri hizmetleri.
  • Bebek senin ellerine geldiğinde, açık kutu video çekmek olası kusurların gerçekliğini kanıtlamak için.
  • If it is unsatisfactory due to other reasons, you can consult with us, but because the doll will touch the skin and reproductive organs, it will affect the second sale, so once you use it, there is no refund available.

Package Example

Yukarıya Kaydır 200 $ KAPALI