Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen

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주요 특징

  • Safe TPE Material: Made of safe medical TPE material,  soft touch & Non-toxic.
  • Built-in Metal Skeleton: Full size body inside stainless skeleton ensures a variety of postures.
  • 100% Discreet fast shipping by DHL/UPS: protect your privacy, without any words on your package.
  • Free Gifts: Wigs, sexy lingerie (sent at random), vaginal cleaning kit, gloves, so on.


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Story of Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen

Helen is a young looking Asian mannequin. She always wears tight black lingerie and looks very sexy.

When she takes off the clothes of this Japanese Teen Sex Doll, we can see the beautiful naked body. Every inch of skin is so perfect. We use TPE as Helen’s skin material. This material is safe, non-toxic, as soft and elastic as the real skin. In addition, Helen’s interior also has metal skeleton, so you can put on the same sexual posture as the real person.

To meet the needs of most people, Helen’s vagina is 17 cm deep. Surprisingly, you can also have sex with her through her mouth and anus.

Now, you can take this mannequin sex doll away for only a few hundred dollars, and you don’t have to pay anything else. We offer free global private transportation.

인형 측정

상표명: LIT 섹스 인형
모델 번호: 6-azm
유형 : TPE 섹스 인형
상품명: Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen
재질 : 합성 강철 골격을 가진 TPE
성 유형 : 질 / 항문 / 구강 섹스
신장: 4 ft 10 in / 148 cm
피부색: 탄 / 라이트 탄 / 공정 / 화이트 가능
가슴 허리 엉덩이 사이즈 : 86– 57– 85 CM
질 깊이 : 17 CM
항문 깊이 : 15 CM
구강 깊이 : 12 CM
총 중량: 32KG
순 중량 : 28.25KG
패키지 크기 : 144*40*27 CM
무게 32 kg
치수 144 × 40 × 27 cm

/ 148cm에서 10 4피트

가슴 허리 엉덩이 사이즈

70 * 50 * 80 cm

3 reviews for Japanese Teen Sex Doll – Helen

  1. Gaylord (확인 소유자)

    Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

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  2. Ozem (확인 소유자)

    Love it exactly what I expected

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  3. Zakary (확인 소유자)

    good product

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