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Key Features

  • 100% discreet package by DHL / UPS, confidential delivery, without any sensitive words .
  • Realistic 3D Mini Sex doll with metal skeleton for each position exercise training.
  • Safe TPE material doll, soft and resilient nearly as real woman skin,
  • Optional height, skin tone, eye color and so on.

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  • 우리는 임의의 인형 의상을 제공 할 것입니다.

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5 ~ 15 영업일에 전세계 무료 비밀스러운 배송.

결제 안전

SSL이 사용 안전 및 페이팔 체크 아웃

Story of 100cm Love Doll – Edwina

Edwina is a tiny sex doll, whose height is 100 cm. Of course, you can choose the height from 100 cm to 125 cm.

Our photographer specially dressed her in a red sexy skirt, with long blond hair, and looked like a dream lover.

Of course, her quality is also very good, we use TPE material to make her skin feel like a real person and harmless to the human body, its built-in metal skeleton can ensure that her joints can move.

In addition to the vagina, her mouth and anus are also perforated and can be used for sex.

인형 측정

상표명:LIT 섹스 인형
모델 번호:17-azm
유형 :TPE 섹스 인형
상품명:100cm 사랑 인형 - 에드 위나
재질 :TPE With Metal Skeleton
성 유형 :Vagina / Anus Sex Available
신장:3 ft 3 in / 100 cm
피부색:Tan/Light Tan/ Fair/White Available
가슴 허리 엉덩이 사이즈 :55– 39– 64 CM
질 깊이 :17 CM
항문 깊이 :17 CM
총 중량:16KG
순 중량 :12KG
패키지 크기 :92*31*22 CM


100cm Love Doll - Edwina

무게16 kg
치수92 × 31 × 22 cm

/ 100cm에 3피트 3

가슴 허리 엉덩이 사이즈

55 * 39 * 64 cm

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