10 Points About the Benefits of Regular Sex
Of all the natural needs of man, after diet, the most intense is the need for sex, which is essential to the guarantor of physical and mental health in adulthood.Every healthy adult, must have normal sexual life, and through sexual life to achieve health, longevity. If abstinence for a long time, against the normal physiological, it can not only cause disease, but also can damage life expectancy.10 Points About the Benefits of Regular SexModern medical research shows: sexual life is a normal physiological and psychological activities, moderate sexual life is beneficial to health and longevity. Because moderate sexual life can make the secretion of male testosterone increased, and testosterone can improve the ability of bone marrow, so that the human body muscle developed, reduce the storage of body fat; To the woman, can enhance the physiological function of ovary, make menstruation normal, still can delay menopause. Sex also allows more movement of the pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles and spine, improves blood circulation, improves cardiorespiratory function and lung capacity, and has a special effect on relieving mental tension. According to statistics, if middle-aged or above without sexual life, are suffering from different degrees of depression and mental disorders. The death of a spouse is an important reason to accelerate the aging of middle-aged and elderly people.In 1997, the British medical journal published a study of 918 men between the ages of 45 and 59 who had sex once a month for 10 years and who had orgasms at least twice a week. Therefore, many foreign medical experts will also be normal sex life as a health and longevity regimen.Sex is the human instinct, sex is the source of life, the fountain of happiness. According to the research of experts and numerous practice show, normal and regular sexual life, quite a lot of health benefits for human body and mind.

1.Sex can relieve tension, make people happy and promote health

"During sex, hormones are released so that we don't feel stressed," says human sex expert David Wilson. This reaction can last for hours until hormone levels return to normal throughout the system." Sexual life can increase antibody level, can remove nervous state, alleviate harmful nervous state, produce positive mood, increase pleasure and satisfaction. Make love with the lover in romantic atmosphere is best decompression way, can eliminate the nervous emotion that accumulates in busy day, when immanent action makes the mood cannot be controlled, can cathartic through sexual love, when psychological pressure makes the person is nervous have a headache, sexual love has the relaxation effect that thinks less than unexpectedly.Harmonious sexual love can make the activities of the internal organs cause changes, the heart activity is uniform and powerful, breathing is stable, ventilation capacity is increased, the intestines and stomach, circulation, respiratory system and digestive system are developed and utilized, can improve human health; Sex makes people happy and cheerful, maintain a relaxed and cheerful good state of mind, promote mental health. Mental health is more important than physical health in longevity, experts say.

2.Sex can boost confidence and promote good qualities

If in the regular sex life easy to reach orgasm, can get the love and joy of the sexual partner, you will feel energetic, full of energy, attractive, self-confidence is bound to increase, after the event will often have a feeling of happiness, enrichment, satisfaction, outlook on life will become positive and powerful. San Francisco's world famous "high class" institute for research on the survey of 37500 people shows that people with active active sex lives, less anxious, less violence and hostility, and less complain, unfortunately, less unpleasant blame on others, as a result, more and less people are in the relationship of conflict and tension.10 Points About the Benefits of Regular SexHappy couples make the best couples, parents and friends. That is to say, good sex makes people good couples, good parents and good friends. A kind of tender and considerate sex life can help promote the formation of many good qualities.

3.Sex stimulates metabolic activity and keeps people young

"If you don't use your sex organs, they tend to deteriorate, especially in middle-aged couples," said John, an expert at the UK drug research centre. Regular sex life can not only prevent the reproductive system from wasting away, but also prevent the whole body musculoskeletal wasting away. Modern medicine thinks: normal and regular sexual life, it is the physiology activity place that maintains sexual organ is necessary. When sexual intercourse inside body hormone is secreted exuberant, the heartbeat when orgasm is accelerated, blood circulates growth rate, the nutrient composition in blood is conveyed whole body, to the body each part especially the skin benefit is the biggest, make it more supple and smooth moist, make a person full of energy, energetic and energetic, youth is permanent.

4.Sex is the skin activator is the best beautician

When the woman in sexual love is in excited state, catalysis inside body estrogen is secreted in great quantities, its specific receptor is united in wedlock, stimulative cell produces hyaluronic acid enzyme and estrogen, can make skin permeability is enhanced, water content is improved, the woman appearance that makes be full of spring feeling appears all the more delicate and beautiful fine embellish, skin moist and beautiful beautiful, bai zhe is ruddish. In sexual love process, whole body muscle is moving, accelerated blood circulation, balanced metabolism, improved the aesthetic degree of the skin, effectively prevent skin ageing, say sexual love is the best beautician so.

5.Sex promotes heat loss and helps prevent obesity and stay slim

Sex and food are two different ways in which humans meet the instinctive needs of the body, and sexual gratification helps curb abnormal appetites. In addition, sex helps burn calories. According to investigation show, a warm kiss burns 12 calories, 10 minutes caress can burn 50 calories, even if the most sluggish make love, yi ke burns 200 calories every hour, if it is very enthusiastic and exciting, in 1 hour can burn the quantity of heat of 418, 1045 joules, be equivalent to to burn the quantity of heat of 11, 27 g adipose.10 Points About the Benefits of Regular SexAlthough, sexual life is not necessarily the best fitness movement, but certainly is a kind of the most pleasant way of exercise, can naturally promote quantity of heat to send out, energy consumption, exercise body and mind, it is to prevent obesity, maintain a good method of slender figure.

6.Sex helps you fall asleep and improve your sleep quality

Modern sexology studies have found that sex is a huge sedative. The more perfect and exciting the sex, the easier it is to fall asleep later. The physical effort and emotional high during sex is the perfect engine for sweet dreams. Sex rise, the flow of blood shed muscles more, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained sexual behavior after the body relaxes nervous excitement, muscle after sexual need to meet to stretch in the tired, mind is relaxed after the pleasant waft, sexual partners can enron sleep under consideration and love each other, slowly to sleep, improve sleep quality.10 Points About the Benefits of Regular Sex

7.Sex improves the circulatory system and reduces cardiovascular disease

Active life style can stimulate the body to adapt to function, certain intensity of work and life, can make the body secrete more beneficial to health hormones, acetylcholinase, enhance the body immunity. Sex can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. During intense sexual excitement, the cardiovascular system can achieve good exercise, improve the heart and blood circulation system, and reduce cardiovascular disease.

8.Sex can improve the immune system and the ability to fight a variety of diseases

A study by the emotion and immune function project found that normal sex can relieve tension, generate positive emotions, and lead to pleasure and satisfaction. A substance called endorphins is released in the body. It is a natural sedative and painkiller. It creates a relaxed and carefree environment for the whole nervous system, which improves the function of the immune system and makes it more resistant to diseases. Some people find that when women reach orgasm, their original chronic arthritis and traumatic headache will be significantly reduced.Increased blood flow to the pelvis during the first 5-7 days of the menstrual cycle can lead to swelling and cramps, while muscle contractions caused by orgasm can accelerate blood flow out of the pelvic area and into the general circulation, reducing pelvic pressure and relieving premenstrual symptoms. In addition, sexual excitement stimulates the brain to secrete a chemical called aminopolyphenols, which is quite effective against neuralgia. If you suffer from head, stomach or back neuralgia, sexual excitement is more natural, healthier and has no side effects than drugs. Modern medicine thinks: when sexual intercourse can stimulate ovary and adrenal gland release much amount of hormone, conduce to prevent the happening of breast cancer, to menopause woman still can reduce not get used to disease, pass menopause smoothly thereby, regular sexual life can alleviate man prostate disease, reduce the happening of prostate cancer. Therefore, normal sex life is one of the conditions of human health.

9.Sex makes for a good marriage and a long life

Sexual satisfaction, is the key to a happy marriage, it reflects the life of husband and wife of harmony and integration, it not only makes the love of two people get distillation, and embodies the marriage of love, in marriage, body and spirit because of this and become more healthy, make couples get a feeling for the happiness of the great pleasures of life, happy happy life more happy, more conjugal love of husband and wife. Modern physiologist and psychologist study proves: the person is in spirit happy when, inside body secretes a few beneficial human body healthy hormone enzyme and acetylcholine, can make the excitability of blood flow, nerve cell adjusts to optimal condition, can improve the immune function of whole body.Therefore, a good state of mind, help mobilize internal positive factors, fight disease, extend the life of the people. Foreign studies have shown that separated or divorced women have lower immune systems and are more likely to develop diseases than married women. Those who were happily married lived longer than those who were single, divorced or unhappily married. It has a lot to do with whether your sex life is normal, harmonious and fulfilling.

10.Sex can enrich beautify life can be sublimated into a kind of artistic enjoyment

Human sexual life is not only the completion of biological reproduction, and through the feelings between the two sexes and sexual love, enrich and beautify the content of human life, so that the relationship between people sublimate into a spiritual enjoyment and artistic enjoyment. Both the young and the elderly, kiss each other each other in the process of contact or sexual contact, the experience which fairy beauty and sweet, kind, good feelings at the same time, strong sex hormone secretion, blood circulation acceleration, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, muscle, nerve impulse transmission will have big change, in this special environment to enjoy the wonderful human art, experience the lively, wonderful, amazing enjoy the pleasant, conjugal love of husband and wife, between the person and the true, the good and the beautiful high level of artistic feeling. Sexologists have the image of a perfect sex life analogy to enjoy a beautiful, exciting and relaxed and happy symphony music, the world would like to actively participate in the couple, practice together, discuss together, together conclude, together create, harmoniously play out two people feel relaxed and happy sexual movement.Human sexual behavior has natural and social attributes, so human normal sexual behavior, can not be separated from social influence and their own conditions. Sexual relationships carry with them extremely strong feelings of intimacy and even reckless impulses, which, if not properly controlled, can lead to some bad sexual behaviors with serious consequences: 5 it is bedroom affairs carelessly, injury life, if do not pay attention to enter room taboo, do not pay attention to coitus method, indulge in unrestrained desire, frequency is promiscuous, do not speak harmony, difficult perfect, cause pathological changes necessarily, shorten life prematurely decline.Normal and regular sex life, according to the natural instinct of human sexual behavior and the demand of social attributes, on the one hand, sex is regarded as a normal need in human life, natural need, to naturally healthy performance it, happily enjoy it, for the body and mind health service. On the other hand, we should adapt it to the requirements of social ethics, morality and law, and properly control it according to our own subjective and objective conditions, so as to promote its development towards science and civilization.For men who have been busy working for a long time, it may be difficult to find a suitable girlfriend. Fortunately, with the rapid development of sex dolls, many people will consider the dolls as their sexual partners, but the high price is not affordable for everyone. Our shop sells cheap and good quality sex dolls, you can go to buy a szex baba if you need.