140cm Male Sex Doll for Women – Anthony

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  • Realistic exterior structure, 3D texture and penis make you feel like a real man.
  • Made from premium TPE material with realistic structure and feels like real skin.soft and flexible touch, safe and healthy use.
  • 17cm Penis Design makes sex more comfortable
  • Free Discreet packaging, private and environmentally friendly packaging by DHL / UPS

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Story of 140cm Male Sex Doll for Women – Anthony

When you’re lonely at night, you may want a Male Sex Doll for Women. Anthony meets your needs. He has full pectoral and abdominal muscles and a long penis.

Of course, he can cooperate with you to complete a lot of sexual positions, you can sit on him, you can also let him lie on your body to make love.

His body has an alloy skeleton inside, which makes him feel much more textured than an inflatable doll. You can rotate his limbs and torso.

The skin of this Sex Doll for Women is made of safe and non-toxic TPE material. You can safely insert his penis into your vagina. I believe it’s a pleasant process.

The important thing is that you can take him away for less than $1,000. We also provide worldwide free discreet shipping .


140cm Male Sex Doll for Women - Anthony

140cm Male Sex Doll for Women - Anthony


الوزن30 kg
أبعاد138 × 38 × 27 cm

4 أقدام و 7 بوصات 140CM /

1 review for 140cm Male Sex Doll for Women – Anthony

  1. Leon (مالك يتم التحقق)

    Takes time to ship and also has to go through customs, happy with product, worth it in the end. 🙂

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