100cm Flat Chested Sex Doll – Mariko

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100٪ ضمان الجودة
تسوق من المصنع، و 100٪ لضمان الجودة.
مجانا الشحن حصيف
مجانا شحن عاقل في 5-15 أيام العمل.
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100CM Flat Chested Sex Doll

Hot and beautiful young girls may be the dream of most men, but this does not mean that you will find a hot and beautiful girl. The emergence of flat chested sex doll just broke this situation. There are various styles of sex dolls. Every man can customize sex dolls according to his own needs, and he can change the appearance of sex dolls at any time.

If you are tired of a certain sex doll, you can even replace it with a new one to satisfy yourself. This is far from being completed by a real girlfriend. This 100cm شقة دمية الجنس الصدر مصنوع من مادة TPE، التي لديها مزايا من ليونة، ومقاومة التآكل، وغير سامة لجسم الإنسان.

Just like some women’s breasts who don’t develop much during puberty,  this sex doll remains “flat-chested“. Typically, she has a nipple that looks elevated or swollen, but the breasts don’t grow in size at all for some reason. There are many videos about doll sex on the Internet, but now you can have one yourself, she can promote your sex hormone secretion, exercise your penis strength and endurance.

Mariko is very popular in our store, one of the reasons is her childish appearance, which may evoke some people’s childhood memories. Do you still remember the little girl who played with you as a child? she may be like this flat-chested sex doll , She will do snacks on the sofa, take off her coat and pants without any worries when the weather is hot, even she is still wearing diapers and chatting with you. But none of this seems to affect her perfect image in your heart.

هذا Flat chested sex doll does have normal vagina that can be used for sex. Her built-in metal skeleton makes her more like a “living” doll. You can pose her in any position. We have provided three holes for you to use, including vagina, auns and mouth. But you should still pay attention to protect her, do not use her violently. Although she is just a toy, she really looks like your girlfriend when you use, doesn’t she?

القياسات دمية

مكان المنشأ: الصين
اسم العلامة التجارية: LIT دمى الجنس
رقم الموديل: 100 YSR المسطحة
اكتب: غير سامة TPE دمية الجنس
اسم المنتج: 3 قدم 3 في (100 سم) شقة في نعش دمية الجنس - ماريكو
مادة: TPE مع معدن هيكل عظمي
نوع الجنس: المهبل / فتحة الشرج / الجنس عن طريق الفم
ارتفاع: 3 قدم 3 في / 100 سم
لون البشرة: ضوء تان / معرض / أبيض
إفلاس: 17.3 في / 44 سم
وسط: 15 في / 38 سم
الفخذين: 23.6 في / 60 سم
عمق المهبل: 6.3 في / 16 سم
عمق الشرج: 5.9 في / 15 سم
العمق عن طريق الفم: 5.9 في / 15 سم
الوزن الإجمالي: 34 رطل / 15.4 كجم
الوزن الصافي: 28.7 رطل / 13 كلغ
حجم العبوة: 39.4 X 12.6 X 9.4 في
100 x 32 x 24 cm
الوزن 15.4 كجم
أبعاد 100 × 32 × 24 سم

3 قدم 3 في 100CM /

الثدي الخصر الوركين الحجم

44 * 38 * 60 سم

5 reviews for 100cm Flat Chested Sex Doll – Mariko

  1. Bobby Green

    The doll is really cute and life like 👍

    3 0
  2. Maicon Michael (مالك يتم التحقق)

    The seller put a lot of foam on the package, and the doll is well protected. This is the cheapest 100cm flat-chested doll on the market, which is better than the other doll I bought for more than 500 dollars.

    معاون، مساعد، مفيد، فاعل خير؟
    1 0
  3. tim uebbing

    Nice doll

    1 0
  4. albertatlas2018

    Very Beautiful sex doll I wish you all had paypal so I could buy one.

    9 3
  5. مايكل هويل (مالك يتم التحقق)

    الصدر مسطح مثل الصورة ، والعيون مستديرة قليلاً من الصورة. تبدو لطيفة. أين الملابس؟

    معاون، مساعد، مفيد، فاعل خير؟
    10 2
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